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Resources For Taking a Gap Year

This Taking a Gap Year minimag is just one part of our small group of interlinked websites and blogs on working and travelling your way around the world so we have loads of other content that can also be useful to you on your year out.

Get a Job Abroad With JAB

The Jobs Abroad Bulletin is our bulletin board full of job vacancies posted by employers looking for staff. Over the years we have helped our readers to finance their travels by working as powerboat crew in Greece, bar staff in the Czech Republic, chefs in Austria, English teachers in Japan, au pairs in Dubai, holiday reps in Turkey, halet girls in Switzerland, tour leaders in Southeast Asia, snackbar attendants in Portugal, eco trail leaders in Costa Rica, hostel workers in Panama, ski instructors in Italy, and caretakers in Uganda. 

or with the Overseas Job Centre

The Overseas Job Centre is our genuine imitation recruitment agency. We'd like a real one but we travel too much to run a full service agency so instead we use the OJC to promote some of the websites and services we find when researching our own trips. Focusing more on organisations that are looking for staff year round, it will not cost you anything extra to use our service here but if you still want to go it alone the OJC is backed up by a guide to working abroad and thousands of links in our directory. 

Free (or Cheap) Volunteer Work Abroad

Want to volunteer and don't see why you should pay through the nose for it? This site lists grassroots NGOs and volunteer projects looking for a helping hand and allows travellers to locate inexpensive options to offer their skills and muscle without suffering a financial penalty for doing so.

The Working Traveller

The Working Traveller is the blog of our little family of websites, mixing up regular weekly columns, in depth articles and interviews, with our own experiences of being mean to children, crap volunteers and ducking the punches of elderly Bulgarians.