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The Blogger's Guide to Lisbon

We thought of doing a guide to Lisbon but after careful reflection decided, nah! Let someone else do it. Luckily, Lisbon is a bit of hotspot for travel bloggers at the moment so we enlisted them without their knowledge or permission to put together this handy guide for you.

Blog Posts on Lisbon

Ultimate City Guide to Lisbon, Portugal
Marek spoils us with his guide to the city of pastel coloured houses, hilltop views, vintage trams, and windy cobblestone streets that all conspire to make Lisbon an utterly charming place and no doubt influenced his choice to live there for year.  

Moving to Lisbon: 9 Things You Should Realistically Know
Asked for his advice on moving to the city, Marek share his tips for finding an apartment, working, and the short weird winters. 

The Ultimate Lisbon Bucket List: 101 Things To Do in Lisbon
Kelly Barcus simplifies things by giving us a list, but what a list it is, and conveniently organised by neighbourhood too. 

21 Things To Know Before You Visit Lisbon, Portugal
Living in neighbouring Spain, Sonja had always thought Lisbon might be a cool place to go but didn’t rank it super high on her must-do list. But eventually she couldn’t ignore the buzz around the city from fellow travel blogers and decided to take a look for herself.  

Exploring with the Lisbon Tourist Card
Portugal’s capital is a city full of winding cobbled streets, bright yellow trams, wide piazzas, historic buildings and UNESCO treasures but if, like Amy and Andrew, you have just a few days to explore the city it could be worth getting a Lisbon tourist card which grants you discounts, free travel and entry to top attractions. 

15 Things to do in Lisbon for Under €15
Gemma and Craig spent ten days bouncing around Portugal’s capital, the longest they’ve stayed in any European city and have come up with 15 things to do for under €15! 

Lisbon Portugal for Under 5 Euros a Day
In some places, 5 Euros might not even buy a cup of coffee but in Lisbon, say Dave and Deb, that exact same amount can actually stretch quite far. 

10 Free Things to do in Lisbon, Portugal 
Not even willing to splash out a fiver, huh? Well OK then. Put on your tight walking boots and your stingy hat, Sarah and Kris show us where we can make savings but not miss out.

Lisbon Travel Blog: Complete City Guide for 2018

"Although it’s lively and busy, the rhythm of life is somehow slower. Although it has got a modern vibe, it respects tradition. And although it is visited by an ever-increasing number of tourists, it still boasts tons of character and uniqueness."     Lisbon is unlike any other European capital, says Bruno, who should know after exploring every corner and street in his decade living there. He takes us through his insider tips, places not to miss, the tourist traps, and places to eat. He also thoughtfully narrows down 

7 Experiences Not To Miss In Lisbon
Bruno’s guide (see above) is such a hit that when he decided to compile the absolute best seven compelling experiences not to miss in Lisbon we thought who are we to stop him?

A Walking Tour of Lisbon's Best Street Art
Portugal‘s picture perfect capital is full of medieval infrastructure sandwiched between 19th century and contemporary buildings. Despite the many steep hills throughout the city, Nina Santos thinks walking is the best way to experience Lisbon as each side street and corner have different treasures to discover. One, possibly unexpected, example is Lisbon’s street art.

Best Portuguese Food to Try in Lisbon
The local cuisine is an essential part of the culture in Lisbon, says Nikola Štěrbová. She should know, having gained an extra ten kilos from visiting all the local cafes, pastelerias and restaurants during the two wonderful years she studied in Portugal. 

The Essential Vegan Guide to Lisbon
Not long ago Portugal was a vegan’s worst nightmare, say James and Jemma, but times have changed and veganism has been embraced with gusto.

Renting Long-Term Accommodation in Lisbon
Lisbon’s growing popularity and the AirBnB effect have made it increasingly difficult to find medium to long term accommodation. Jemma and James think it is worth the struggle to live there and present their tips and some resources for finding an apartment in the city.

Lisbon Culture on the Cheap, Part 1: Music, Dance, and Theater
Lisbon is far cheaper for high-culture buffs than most capitals, but a few tricks can make attending a performance even less expensive - or sometimes free. Atlas Lisboa (see guides below) advises.

Lisbon Culture on the Cheap, Part 2: Museums
Atlas Lisboa offer more culture advice to the dozens of museums in Portugal’s capital.

Lisbon for Design Lovers
Another visitor wanders the streets, impressed and touched by the beauty of Lisbon’s architecture and cool vibe.

Cost of Living in Lisbon, Portugal
Expatistan crunches the numbers.

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