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The Blogger's Guide to Medellin

Those Medellin kids spoiled many a villain's plans in Scooby Doo, so we feel they deserve some recognition in return. We thought of doing a guide to the city but after careful reflection decided, nah! Let someone else do it. What’s the point of all these travel bloggers roaming the world otherwise?

Blog Posts on Medellin

A First Timer’s Guide to Medellín
Once you go there, you will want to go back again, says Anna, but before that here are things to do on your first visit. 

How To: Self-Guided City Tour of Medellin, Colombia for Under $5
For under $5 each Lia and Jeremy were able to see the entire city of Medellin just by riding the metro and taking the gondolas. 

Best Things To Do In Medellin
The weather and the people are the main reasons why travellers visit Medellin and often end up calling it home, says Francisco Macia. But beyond sunning ourselves in good company, what else is there to do there?

Where To Stay And What To Do In Medellin Colombia
Despite plenty of recommendations to visit, something about Medellin just didn’t appeal to Hannah Finch and Dan Cortazio. But once they visited they fell for the city, its people, food and culture.

Travelling to Medellin, Colombia: Our First Impressions and Experiences
Medellín surprised, delighted, and annoyed Nick & Dariece during their seven night stay in the city, but first they were obliged to pay a US$50+ “reciprocity” fee (see below Canucks).

10 Cool Things To Do in Medellín, Colombia
While Nick & Dariece weren’t so charmed by Medellin as other places around Colombia, they still managed to find ten ways for travellers to occupy themselves on a visit to the city.

The Manila Neighborhood in Medellín – An Up-and-Coming Hang Out Spot
If you’re new here, and a tourist, there is a very good chance you’ll be spending much of your time in the city’s fashionable El Poblado district. While that shining beacon may be unavoidable, you’d be foolish to miss out the Manila neighbourhood, an up and coming spot just minutes on foot from Parque Poblado. 

Exploring Comuna 13 & Colourful Street Art With A Graffiti Tour Medellin

Formerly one of Medellin’s most feared barrio’s, Comuna 13 is now a radical laboratory where untested experiments are carried out seeking to improve the urban and social fabric. Street art is a pivotal part of this change, and it diffuses through every house, roof, door and blank canvas in this now colourful neighbourhood. Jordan Adkins explores how far a splash of paint and some imagination can go.

Discovering the Taste of Colombia On A Medellín Food Tour With Tasty Town
Jordan takes another tour, this time lead by local foodie Laura.

Climb the Hills of Medellin
Medellin was a delayed dream destination for Ariane Petit, who discovered a city of hair straightener vending machines and doughnut offering policemen. 

Medellín, Colombia: My Favorite Things
Julie Andrews had her own list of favourite things but it had nothing to do with the city of eternal spring so Leah’s are rather more useful, covering everything from accommodation to restaurants to nightlife to day trips. 

Practical Safety Tips for Women Traveling in Medellin, Colombia
With each new destination come new challenges. Leah has always been grateful for insider knowledge that allows her to know what to expect before she arrives, so offers up some of her best advice for staying safe in her favourite Latin American city. 

What To Expect From Living In Medellin Colombia
Ryan answers most of the questions that friends have asked him for tips on living in Medellin, and why exactly he has chosen to live there for two years.

Cost of Living for a Month in Medellin
On his own website, Ryan has a number of posts on living in Medellin, including The Definitive Guide of Things to See and Do in Medellin, and articles about beer and coffee

My Experience Making Dollars and Living in Medellin
Andrew Macia goes over how he has made US dollars while living in Medellin for seven years. 

A Digital Nomad Guide To Living in Medellin, Colombia
Recently named the world’s most innovative city, it is no surprise Medellin has become a major hub for digital nomads. Harriet Simonis shines a light on the resident digital nomad community and shares which areas of the city are best to live in. 

9 Pros & 4 Cons to Living and Working Remotely in Medellin, Colombia
Chris Backe writes about weird, offbeat destinations and life as a long-term traveler. Today he explores the pros and cons of living in Medellin Colombia.

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